Mittwoch, 11. März 2009

Day 6-8: Running better

So I ended my 1500 Sngs breakeven stretch...With a 1000$ downswing >.<
You can't imagine how pissed of I was at that point, I was so mad that I decided to not stop till I am at 3K bankroll, even if I have to play 50 hours straight. Luckily finally the upswing hit me and I reached the 3K after only about 13 hours of play on day 6.
Day 7 and day 8 have been ok, still only barely running at a two digits ROI but I made about 1K each of that day so my bankroll is a little less than 5000$.
Sorry for not updating but it is so exhausting and mind crushing to play 500+ Sngs every day, I can't even think clear anymore

13 Kommentare:

  1. Keep grinding Boku, if you pull this off it will be a major feat! Are you using scripts etc to 50 table or is that a stupid question really?

  2. Hello Boku>

    I sincerely tell you to do this or not you've become a monster poker monster but in the good sense of the word.

    Yo tambien soy player sit and if you ask me which is my goal, it will be so good for the multitablear like you. I must admit that being able to play 30 tables simultaneously be more than happy.

    I could say how many inches from the screen, which plays

    A huge kiss from argentina


  3. GO BOKU !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brazilians players is really apreciate your busines.
    We hope you do that as is possible.
    Good luck from Brazil

  4. Yes it must be fucking crazy for ur brain i imagine... I use to play 12 hours session and is just so exhausting.
    Good luck from malte!
    Be brave!

  5. wow. Good luck man. So how much did people put down against you? what't the prop bet at exactly?

  6. hey tommy
    du hast wahrscheinlich gar keine zeit deine ganze kommentare zu lesen bei den ganzen tischen an denen du spielst....
    ich wollt dir auch nur kurz viel glück wünschen(wenn auch etwas verspätet :) )
    deine cousine von und bei hamburg

    ps fühle dich beobachtet dein onkel ist nervenaufreibend neugierig und beobachtet deinen spielstand die ganze nächste woche :):):)

  7. Wow. 50 tabling for 13hours straight is sick. You must be proud of your stamina and endurance. Good luck with the rest of you challenge !


  8. Boku, what is your diet and exercise regiment?

    Good Luck :)

  9. I don't get it. I thought if you started at $100 then you would lose the bet if you lost your initial $100 bankroll. The graph shows drops of $250 to $750 negative profit. Seems like it should be over with once it dropped below $100 negative profit. Anyway, I'm not in on the bet so good luck.

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