Dienstag, 17. März 2009

Montag, 16. März 2009


My sharkscope profit reached 10011$ at one point so I was over 9900$ profit and I won the bet. Scotty declared me the winner.
Ran a little bad in my last few sngs though and my end bankroll at the session was only 9939.85 but luckily rule 7 says it is over as soon as I reached the 9.9K profit.
I have 36 hours left though and I will do a little victory lap tomorrow and grind some 3$ Sngs till I have the 10000$ bankroll as I want to post a screenshot with a 10K roll to prove that I won

Sonntag, 15. März 2009

Day 13: 9314$

Kept crushing it and my bankroll is now at 9314$. I have 67 hours left so it looks very very good. I will start a long session at 18:00 CET and hope I will finish this bet today. 686$ in about 12 hours should be possible and if I do not end this today I will just try again tomorrow. I think there is a 90% chance though that I will be done today

Samstag, 14. März 2009

My second session last night was running ok, was up about 500$ or so but lost it all back in the end so I just broke even. Todays morning session was awesome and I won about 900$ so my bankroll is uo to 8243$. Should get there either tomorrow so on day 13 or on day 14 if I keep this pace up, I just hope I keep running well.

Freitag, 13. März 2009

Day 11: The enlightment

I had an enlightment last night... I dreamed about playing poker last night ( well, what are you exspecting when you play poker all day) and I asked myself why I am performing so bad when an inner voice suddenly told me: You play too many tables you moron.
Thats the big difference between pre bet and post bet, I used to play 35-40 and would have a 2-3$ winrate per game, but obviously my winrate is not that high when I 50 table.
50 tabling is fine with a fresh and relaxed mind which is why I started very good but because of that big downswing that caused me to breakeven 1500 sngs or so I tried too hard to maximize my volume and did not realize I am too worn out to play 50 tables profitably... So I reduced my tables to my normal thirty-ish as you can see in Scottys updates and I think I will do fine from now on and should have my normal 2$+ winrate per game.
Also the reason why it was always going down at the end of my sessions...What was I exspecting after 50 tabling 10 hours straight, I obviusly start playing bad after that...

Luckily I realized that 5 days before the bet ends so plenty of time to get the last 2.6K ish as my bankroll just exploded to nearly 7400$

Mittwoch, 11. März 2009

Day 6-8: Running better

So I ended my 1500 Sngs breakeven stretch...With a 1000$ downswing >.<
You can't imagine how pissed of I was at that point, I was so mad that I decided to not stop till I am at 3K bankroll, even if I have to play 50 hours straight. Luckily finally the upswing hit me and I reached the 3K after only about 13 hours of play on day 6.
Day 7 and day 8 have been ok, still only barely running at a two digits ROI but I made about 1K each of that day so my bankroll is a little less than 5000$.
Sorry for not updating but it is so exhausting and mind crushing to play 500+ Sngs every day, I can't even think clear anymore

Sonntag, 8. März 2009

Day 4&5: Running bad

So no early finish for me :(
I used to run at 15-20% at the 16$ and at around 30% at the 12$...The last 2 days I ran at 3% at the 16$ and -5% at the 12$ so not very well... At least I ran at nearly 30% at the 6,50$
Priority at this point is just winning the bet and not finishing early, I will try to play 600 Sngs every day so if I manage to not run at 10% or better at these stakes for 6000 Sngs I would actually lose the bet.
Bankroll is at 2353$