Donnerstag, 5. März 2009

Day 3: +1111$

So I started with the 12$ and 16$ Sngs today an ran super hot at the beginning and made about 1K in my first session. Took a 3 hour break after that to play my second session and Pokerstars activated the doomswitch :(
Lost about 600$ in the first hour but slowly climbed up again and ended the second session with a small plus of a little less than 100$.

So my total bankroll is at 2265$. If I keep this pace up I will be finished at around day 8 or 9.
This is really exhausting and I just want to get done with this as fast as I can so I will try to play even more the next couple of days to maybe even finish this in only 7 days. Played 1567 Sngs so far so about 522 Sngs per day, I will try to increase that to about 600 starting tomorrow.

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  1. Klasse Leistung bisher, nur weiter so, hab dich in einigen MTT´s vorhin beobachtet und ich find Klasse wie du das hinbekommst.

    Besonders die HU´s, da versemmel ich noch zu viel wenn ich multitable (12-16 Tische) aber bei dir, sieht das recht geschmeidig aus ;O)

    Viel Glück weiterhin


  2. You should try to play more 6 dollar 45 persons. Your average is at 30 to 35 percent on them.....much higher than a 10 percent return on the 16. I think it will help you finish this bet quicker if you play as many 45 persons as you can 12 or 6.50

  3. If you did not know, Boku is also a member of

  4. how can u play 600/day? 8 hours/day? 40 tables every time? 'cause if you are in 5 HU's it must be very hard

  5. Boku learned the correct strategy how to play winning poker on this Poker school. He could play 100 tables at once for 24 hours a day if it were humainly possible. It's automatic for him.

  6. This is amazing! Best of luck Boku! Breakeven stretches are perfectly normal, that graph will get back on the incline soon.

  7. I'm loving reading everyone elses Poker bankroll blogs. You guys are well ahead of me but I'm on my way.

    I've decided to embark on a bankroll builing challenge where I roll $50 into $5000.

    I'm loving what you've done so far, keep at it.

    I thought I'd try it after reading about Chris Ferguson in that poker player magazine.

    It's hard to stay focused at times but it'll be worth it when I'm done and a big fat bottle of champagne is waiting for me when I'm done.

    Well so far so good, I'll be posting about it if you want to see how I'm getting on.

    Follow My Bankroll Building Challenge.

    Good luck with your poker


  8. Hallo!
    It is very funny to watch you MTT at 55 tables at once. I don´t know anybody who can do that so smooth and even have time to response to the chat. You clearly got great skills in terms of concentration and endurance.

    But doing some math and put all together, your ROI is very low for that limit. You make the money by your extreme amount of SnG´s you play. So quantity instead of quality. Well it is one way of making money. (in fact nearly the whole business is based on that). Because of that, you have to play "simple" ABC poker. It is like playing SSS. You don´t play your opponents you play your cards. Most of the time you end up getting SS and then you have to play "push&fold". Well it is the right play in that particular situation, but you don´t improve your play with that. It is like following a simple chart what move to make next. I think a Poker Bot could achive the same result. ( by the way, i think the most critical part is between 100 and 1000$. a downswing there can crush your BR. so if you are out of luck at the ver begining, it could be over very fast...)

    So what left is you amazing skill to manage that many tables at the same time. (for this challange)

    I grant you every cent you erarn that way, thats for sure, i just wanted to comment it from my point of view.

    Good luck for your challange!


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