Sonntag, 8. März 2009

Day 4&5: Running bad

So no early finish for me :(
I used to run at 15-20% at the 16$ and at around 30% at the 12$...The last 2 days I ran at 3% at the 16$ and -5% at the 12$ so not very well... At least I ran at nearly 30% at the 6,50$
Priority at this point is just winning the bet and not finishing early, I will try to play 600 Sngs every day so if I manage to not run at 10% or better at these stakes for 6000 Sngs I would actually lose the bet.
Bankroll is at 2353$

17 Kommentare:

  1. Man, dont give up, you'll do that!

  2. playing 500 sng per day is making u a hero anyway :) im sure its really exhausting. dont play 50 table one time, spend more time on reading ppl. it ll give more quality to yr game and better roi.


  3. he can handle 50table,so thats not the problem. he doesnt need to read the others because he plays abc-poker, but when the doomswitch comes,its unlucky^^

  4. hey,

    sad to hear you are running bad. but im still sure you will win this one.

    good luck

  5. genio genio super genio

    saludos desde argentina


  6. Good luck for this really crazy but nice challenge.

  7. The best regs in 16/18s (not saying much) aren't even running at 15-20 ROI for the most part... also 30 ROI in 12/45s seems pretty unsustainable these days, especially if you are 50 tabling, you're just going to make some terrible bubble calls b/c you don't see a tiny stack or something. Still pretty amazed with your progress and gl with the rest of it. I will try to not call you as light as I normally do hahah.

  8. sick man. I heard or read somewhere that you don't use any scripts. Is that correct?

    I couldn't imagine playing ~50x tables without AHK or TableNinja

  9. This is amazing!

    That graph looks like a rocky ride for you emotionally especially with so much at stake.

    Makes my Poker Bankroll Challenge seem easy.

    Well I guess mine is easy as I have no set time limit and I'm only rolling $50 into $5000 playing cash games and well only playing four tables at a time.

    Good luck with this, it really makes me want to set a harder challenge for my self next time.


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  10. espero boku que siga bien la cosa, pero lo bueno seria que actualices el blog tanto cuando vas en perdidas como cuando vas en ganancias.



  11. keine Aktualisierung mehr ?
    Aufgegeben ?
    mhhh.... was ist mit den täglichen News ?
    ... viel trarra mal wieder um nichts!

  12. hätte interesse an den HH nach abschluß der challenge, bezahl auch dafür !

    weiterhin viel erfolg die hälfte hast du ja fast

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