Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2009


Rules for 100$ into 10000$ in 15 days
1. I have 15 days from starting point meaning 360 hour. Starting point will be 3rd March 1:00 p.m. Central european time. So it will end 18th March 12:59 p.m.
2. I can only play Sngs with a maximum buy in of 16$
3. 180man or 90man do not count
4. If I go broke at any point I lost the bet
5. Profit only, Rakeback and Bonus, player transfers or BoP cashes do not count
6. I will have to run a webcam when I play. You can see it at
7. I won the bet as soon as I reached a 10000$ bankroll meaning I made 9900$ in Profit. Progress can be tracked with sharkscope
8. Money must be sent before the bet starts to the Pokerstars escrow account P5contest (Isle of men)
9. I get 3-1 odds so for every 100$ from me I will get 300$ from you.
10. I will bet up to 30K to your 90K
11. People who bet against me are not allowed to play at my tables unless it is their regular limits to create a realistic atmosphere for micro stakes playing.

There is one thing left . Though it did not happen in 15 month I once disconnected completly for an hour or so and blinded of at every single Sng I played which cost me about 2200$. So I want an extra rule for this bet ONLY for the first 2 days that if I disconnect for longer than 20 minutes for reasons that are not my fault I will get a refund of all tournaments that I blinded off where I had > 1200 chips . I won't make any profit of this, its just to make sure that I don't start my first session and disconnect and lose 70% of my roll the first day.

13. If I do not get enough action on this ( minimum 30K$) I will postpone the start till I have enough action.
I will post daily updates in this blog